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Psychiatry Essay Examples

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Treatment Plan

Problem/Symptoms: The presenting problem is the focus of treatment and the mental health diagnosis should be based upon this. Each client presents with unique nuances as to how a problem behaviorally reveals itself. It is important to identify and list the symptoms of the problem in a way that would justify the DSM diagnosis. Example:…

Insanity Defense: Why Should It

Abstract The author of this paper argues several reasons why the insanity plea should be changed or either eliminated. The reasons are considered and supported by evidence. The conclusion states that insanity should be altered or eliminated for the safety and well being of society. Insanity Defense: Why Should It Be Abolished Or Altered Introduction…

Peplau’s Contribution to the Advancement of Nursing Knowledge

Peplau’s Contribution to the Advancement of Nursing Knowledge in Support of Multidisciplinary Science Nursing is still a young profession that is still evolving. It is still developing its theoretical support for the nursing practice and how its discipline is unique from other disciplines (Johnson, B. & Webber, and P.). Many of the nursing theorists have…



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Stigma in The Film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Although the 19th century expansion of asylums in Europe and The United States was a movement initially based on moral principles, it led to significant negative implications for individuals, who were institutionalized as asylums became overcrowded, lacking hygiene, neglectful of patients and an overall place for poor living conditions (Wright, 1997). The rise in in-patient…

Compare and Contrast of a Two Grand Theories

Virginia Henderson (1897-1996) is a Nursing Grand Theorist who was often referred to as the “first lady of nursing.” In the article by Nicely (2011) it depicts how she developed a nursing model which is based on activities of daily living. She believed that nursing as a profession stood separately from medicine. In this article,…

Psychoanalytical Reading at Roald Dahl Short Stories

Psychoanalytical Reading Psychoanalysis is a theory that was found by psychologist and neurologist in the 19th century who came from Austria, Siegmund Freud. As a psychologist, in dealing his patients, Sigmund Freud always give questions and analyze every problem that they face, so he then get a lot of bright spots which states that personal…

Co-Occurring Disorders

The co-occurring I chose is Schizophrenia and Alcohol Dependence, with the prevalence of Nicotine Dependence. Schizophrenia occurs in people from all cultures and all walks of life, and its characteristic symptoms are well recognized. Those symptoms include extreme oddities in perception, thinking, action, sense of self, and manner of relating to others. However, the hallmark…

The Effects of Dual Diagnosis on a Person’s Life

People with severe mental disorders also experience a co-occurring substance abuse problem; approximately 50% of individuals with a mental disorder are also affected by substance abuse; 37% are alcohol abusers, 53% drug abusers (Medline). This is also called dual diagnosis which is when someone has a mental disorder and alcohol or drug dependence (Medline). It…

Prisoners with Special Needs

Prior to the 1960s, criminals were all handled similarly and the way in which probation and parole was handled had become a regular routine. However, during the 1960s, the makeup of the typical offender began to change. The corrections system began to recognize the need to manage certain groups of offenders differently. Offenders with the…

Personality Disorders

In this paper I will be discussing how a particular Axis I disorder may relate to a coexisting Axis II disorder. I will explain how an Axis I disorder, can be easily confused with an Axis II disorders. I will compare and contrast, Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Paranoid Type, and explain how I would differentiate…

Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Terms

This paper discusses the importance of collaboration within the different specializations of the counseling field. Two specializations, mental health counseling and addictions counseling are reviewed and are brought together to help a hypothetical 12 year old girl “Ashley” in her own education and problem-solving while in therapy. Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams The counseling profession…

Biomedical and Biopsychosocial models of care

Competing views of the human body as either a biological phenomena or a complex microcosm borne of its environment, have provided the basis for the development of two different models of care: the biomedical model, and the recovery-based psychosocial model. The model of care adopted by care providers heavily influences the nature of the treatment…

Alfred Adler, The Brilliant

Alfred Adler, is the psychologist I have grown to admire the most. He is known most for three major concepts he presented in his life, inferiority, compensation and belongingness. He was also the president of the Psychoanalytic Society in 1910. Alfred Adler’s theoretical ideas have worked as a significant role and stepping stone in various…

Personal Philosophy of Mental Health Nursing

Each individual has their own personal philosophy of mental health nursing. Throughout this paper there will be facts, and my personal thoughts. This is including the following topics; mental health, mental illness, continuum of mental health/mental illness, defense mechanisms, therapeutic tools, and self-awareness in the nurse. The words mental health placed together creates a definition…

Depression types

All depression types are not the same, for there are various types of depressions and it’s different for each person that experiences them. Major depression, also known as clinical depression, and chronic depression, also known as dysthymia, are the most common types. But there are also other types of depression with unique signs, symptoms, and…

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