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Special Education Essay

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Which of the following is not a disease or disorder protected under the other health impairments category? Correct Answer: cerebral palsy Which of the following introduced the concept of integration into public education? Correct Answer: Brown v. Board of Education Advocates of inclusive practices believe that ____. Correct Answer: if traditional academic expectations cannot be met, expectations should be changed, not the setting Which of the following is a provision of Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act? Correct Answer:

Some students not eligible for special education services may be entitled to receive specific types of assistance to be academically successful. One of the outcomes of the civil rights movement of the 1960s directly led to the passage of ____. Correct Answer: Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act Which of the following is true about mainstreaming? Correct Answer: Students should be placed in a general education setting only when they can meet traditional academic expectations with minimal assistance. Students who have difficulty in social interactions and communication are referred to as ____.

Correct Answer: Asperger syndrome P. L. 94-142 led to the mandating of ____. Correct Answer: the concept of least restrictive environment The role of the school nurse in educating a student with disabilities is often to ____. Correct Answer: assist in determining if the student’s behavior has a medical basis The person who typically has the most detailed, day-to-day knowledge of the student’s academic, social and physical needs within the classroom is the ____. Correct Answer: general education teacher Which of the following represents a specific example of an articulation of a student’s unmet need? Correct Answer:

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The grade book indicates Melanie turned in only 2 out of 5 assignments. The setting of the resource room is generally organized by ____. Correct Answer: skills to be taught rather than by grade level Behavioral intervention plans are required in the IEP of ____. Correct Answer: all students with significant behavior problems Which of the following is not a right parents have in special education? Correct Answer: Parents have the right to demand special education regardless of the outcome of the assessments. Positive ongoing collaboration between a teacher and paraprofessional is dependent upon ____. Correct Answer: clear communication.

Teachers who are willing to engage in collaborative efforts must first be willing to ____. Correct Answer: reflect on their personal belief system To be an efficient member of a collaborative team, a teacher must have excellent communication skills, which includes all of the following except____. Correct Answer: resolving conflict According to the guidelines for effective teamwork with paraprofessionals, how often should a teacher discuss goals, priorities and plans? Correct Answer: daily Which of the following is not a defining characteristic of collaboration? Correct Answer: Each person must be able to work with others immediately.

Maintenance goals include all of the following except ____. Correct Answer: improving individual communication skills The co-teaching method that increases the student’s opportunity for participation in responses to teacher questions is ____. Correct Answer: parallel teaching Planning specifics when engaged in shared problem solving requires collaborative team participants to do all of the following except____. Correct Answer: brainstorm possible solutions to the problem One reason information obtained from group-administered standardized achievement tests may be inappropriate for making screening decisions is that ____.

Correct Answer: the content of a standardized achievement test might not match what is taught in a particular classroom The peer comparison method of screening through probes uses the ____ to summarize the scores because it is affected less by extreme scores. Correct Answer: mean Scottie’s IEP team has decided that Scottie’s special education services will take place in a full time general education classroom. This decision mainly concerns Scottie’s ____. Correct Answer: program placement Of abilities commonly assessed by psychological tests, which describes the ability to recognize similarities across objects, events and settings?

Correct Answer: generalization Curriculum-based assessment measures the student’s level of achievement related to ____. Correct Answer: what is taught in the classroom Decisions in instructional evaluation involve ____. Correct Answer: whether to continue or change instructional procedures High-stakes tests ____. Correct Answer: are criterion-referenced Miss Littlefield is wondering if her third-grade student, Laura, meets established federal guidelines for being classified as having a disability, and if so, what is the nature/extent of Laura’s disability?

These questions most closely concern ____. Correct Answer: diagnosis Which of the following is a way that scaffolding can increase the effectiveness of non-direct instructional methods for students with special needs? Correct Answer: Continuous corrective feedback throughout the process increases success while diminishing the establishment of erroneous patterns. The primary purpose of Step 3 in the INCLUDE strategy is to ____. Correct Answer: search for activities or tasks the student can do successfully Effective classroom rules ____.

Correct Answer:should accommodate all students’ cultures Which of the following is not a strategy recommended for selecting accommodations? Correct Answer: select appropriate accommodations regardless of how they may be perceived by others Immediate feedback on practice items is important, so students ____. Correct Answer: can make meaningful corrections of their work Which of the following components of classroom management can effectively prevent behavior problems? Correct Answer: predictable classroom Effectively using classroom time involves ____. Correct Answer: managing transitions.

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